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The Future Of Hockey Development 

The 14 Day Goal Scoring Identity Masterclass

Goal Scoring Identity Masterclass

If you know you have the ability to score goals but are not making it happen, then this is the course that was made for you.

No need to watch endless videos or slideshows. Simply put on your Airpods and be guided through a mental transformation  

This program is designed to unwire the old mental patterns that are holding your goal-scoring back and reprogram your mind to think feel, and act as a goal scorer.

Click the link to access the program today!

Mediation For Hockey Players


Heard of meditation, but not sure how to do it?

Find yourself overthinking things when you play? 

Do you find it difficult to get in the zone and focus during games?

This course was built to teach hockey players how to use mediation to make them a better hockey player.

Click the link to access the program today!

Master The Mental Game


Are you a high-end hockey player looking to take the next step in your mental game?

This is a 6-week program designed for high-end hockey players to rewire their subconscious mind to think, feel and play like an elite performer.

Email to inquire about one of our limited spots in the program...

The Identity Masters Membership

The Identity Masters Membership 

Do you want access to all of the Identity Training so that you can work on all of the mental aspects and more? Then you will want to sign up for the monthly subscription access to the Identity Masters Membership. 

The Identity Masters Membership includes unlimited Access to:

  • The Hockey Meditation Course 

  • The Player Identity Course 

  • The 14 Day Scoring Masterclass 

  • The Hockey Sense and Visualization Masterclass 

  • The In-season Performance Plan

  • The Effortless Cardio Program

  • The Speed Mastery Program 

  • And Exclusive mediations, mini masterclasses, and content only available to members!

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