There is much talk about how the goal scorers mind works. 

So many players are trying to learn more about the concept, and rightly so.

A player who can score more goals provides a valuable asset to almost every team.

The problem is that every expert has a different model, and the more a player learn about it, the more complex it gets.

Experts want to complicate it so that you can’t learn it without working with them for several years.

What makes this difficult for a player is that they often can’t afford the $1000 it costs to work with these experts, so they must often just do the research on their own.

To really understand this, the player must become very educated in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality to understand these on a basic level. 

Most players don’t have the time or energy for the hours of research it takes.

What players need is a simple, manageable model that works. 

This led me to breakdown many models and concepts of the experts and concentrate it down into there essence.

I spent the countless years and many late nights learning this stuff for you.

I wanted to save players their time and energy so they can focus on the game.

I wanted to build something that allows players to learn how their goal-scoring mind works, then I wanted to layout the most simple way for them to make an impact on their goal-scoring right away.

I did that for you, and here is what I made:

First, we will look at the basics of the goal scorer’s mind, so we see how it works and why we need a system to rewire these levels.. 

  1. The Egoic Voice - which is that little voice in your head that’s always talking. 

Average Player: This voice is always going, and they can rarely ever get control of it. The voice complains, argues, and is almost always negative and self-harming.

Goal Scorer: The great goal scorer has gained control over this voice and can silence it when they need to. They when the egoic voice is talking, they have programmed it to be positive and constructive, which helps with performance. 

  1. The Identity - how we see ourselves and what we are our limitations as a player

Average Player: Sees themselves as an average player and knows that that is all they have the ability to be (usually because coaches and teammates have convinced them of this accidentally or intentionally)

Goal Scorer: Sees themselves as a goal scorer and is unshakable certain that they have the talent to execute at a high level. 

  1. The True Self - the player we can become when we enter into the present moment. This is where we see bursts of creativity and witness a player to make a highlight play out of nowhere.

Average Player: is rarely if ever able to slip into this self. They are constantly over thinking things and rarely make creative and exciting plays 

Goal Scorer: the player is totally creative nearly every shift and can make a creative highlight real plays at any time. Think of David Pastrnak and how he creates his highlight real plays with total freedom. 

To become the new version of you, we must rewire our mind and evolve into the nec]xt version of ourselves mentally so we can express our physical skills.

To master these three levels of the goal scorer’s mind and to install the software necessary to be a goal scorer, I created an audio masterclass that will guide players through the three levels of mind. 

The masterclass will completely rewire the mind leaving you transformed neurologically to think, feel and play like a goal scorer.

This is a 14-day audio program that players from age 13+ can listen to with their AirPods at home, on the road, in a hotel, or wherever they are in the world. 

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Corson, why are you giving away half the masterclass for free????

  1. I made the first 7 sessions free because of the quarantine and because I believe every player deserves the opportunity to reprogram their mind and score more goals

  1. When you get the value I put into the masterclass and feel the results, you will be excited to work more with me and dive deeper into your performance.

Click here to get access to the first 7 sessions for FREE!