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Players and parents spend so much time and money on ice time that it is hard for most non-hockey parents to fathom.

Some parents will spend thousands of dollars a year and hundreds of hours at hockey countless rink to help their child improve. 

In a world where we want to help players improve, skills trainers are becoming abundant and very accessible so skill development is becoming easier and easier to access.

You can even access various elite skills trainers online like Pavel Barber, Jason Yee, Casey Bartzen to name a few.

Knowing that ice time with skills trainers has become an inevitability if you want to be an elite player, or even just compete at an elite level, we have to accept the financial an time burden of this.

But, what if we could spend less time on the ice and still see the same, or maybe even more improvements in our game?

This concept may seem strange, so take a breath, and get ready to step into a new version of reality where things might look a little different. 

Did you take the step with me? 

Alright, this is where the Rink Of The Mind comes in.

Countless studies have shown how the mind is so important to performance.

If a player can simply learn how to sit down and control the mind they are already at a massive advantage.

So every player should learn how to meditate and settle the mind down and they will see an instant boost in their performance. 

On the other hand, once a player can sit down and visualize any game situation they want, and repeat this process with vivid detail (as if it was a real game), they are on a new level of the game and a new level of development.

Heck at this point, they are playing a new game altogether compared to the players who can’t do this well or at all. 

This means that if a young athlete can learn how to train inside the Rink Of The Mind, they will make improvements without needing extra ice time. 

The player will be able to train with less ice time than before or make more progress with the ice time they are already using. 

This is because each on-ice session will be connecting and reinforcing the things they practiced in the Rink Of The Mind. 

Now you are probably wondering how to create the rink of the mind, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer.

Here are the instructions to make that happen.

Understand that this is only the basic version, yet its power is limitless because of its simplicity. 

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How to Create the Rink of The Mind 

This visualization is simple but requires several repetitions to get comfortable with it. Accept that you will lose focus and drift off sometimes and that’s ok, just bring yourself back to the rink when this happens:

  • Deeply Relax Into Lower Brain Waves: Find a quiet place where no one will bother you and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and let your body and mind relax.

  • Start imagining the environment: let’s imagine your about to carry the puck through the neutral zone . Start by imagining the entire rink from red line to red line, see the shape of the rink, see the opponents, see your teammates, imagine your current location on the ice. Imagine as many details as necessary to see yourself in this situation clearly. 

  • Third person view: Now imagine looking at yourself on the ice from an outside perspective. See yourself from above like a video game. Always trying to add as much detail as possible.

  • First person view: Feel your skates on the ice, fell the puck on your stick. Allow yourself to start making the play through the neutral zone just as you would in a real game where you are at your best. Imagine yourself. Imagine yourself scoring and feel all of the emotions of scoring a real goal. Imagine celebrating the goal and getting congratulated by teammates and coaches.

  • Wrapping it up: Allow yourself to come back to the room your in slowly. When you feel ready, open your eyes again and move your fingers and toes. Feel strong gratitude for the experiences you had, this will unleash a chemical response in the brain that deepens the visualization 

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