Hockey player scoring a goal - Stock Photo - Dissolve

Our brain is a habit-forming machine.

Most of what we do is automatic.

Don’t believe me? Stand up right now.

Now consider, did you have to consciously tell each muscle what to do? Did you have to tell each joint exactly what angle to move at? 

You did it by habit. 

You have learned how to do things by habit.

To score goals you have to learn the habits. 

When we look at players who score consistently, it comes from certain habits.

Now the first thing to do is to look at patterns. 

This info is always right in front of you. 

Open your phone and search Patrick Kane, or Sidney Crosby Highlights.

If that isn’t enough for you, there are hundreds of free videos on Youtube and Instagram showing you the patterns breakdowns, and mechanics required to execute.

This is what tons of players in the new hockey generation are doing. 

***A lot of players ask if this helps you play better, and it does… a little bit. The real way to benefit comes from something we will discuss at the end of this post. So stay tuned...

The next step most players (like me) do is go on the ice and work on those moves we saw in the videos. 

This is a must and is why we see such an abundance of skill coaches popping up. So dont Skip this step.

That’s the thing, most driven hockey players work on the movements and mechanics and it has become a necessity. 

What I see here is that in order to simply complete you must now look to spend a lot of money on ice time and skills coaches.

But we can only skate and push our bodies so much. 

Of course, we can do fitness training, but again, most players are doing this, and our bodies can only take so much training. 

But in order to really separate, we must find something more. 

We must find something that does not require more effort from our body

What I discovered is that you can use visualization and other mental techniques to separate yourself from other players. 

You can visualize yourself executing a play, scoring a goal, dangling a defender and your brain will wire this as a stored memory.

If you repeat it enough times, your body will store it as an automatic habit. 

After several repetitions of proper visualization techniques, you will be able to make these plays just as automatically as it is for you to stand up from your chair.

If you don’t believe me, there is many studies that back this up 

*Read one of the studies by clicking here*

This is especially key to use if you are injured. 

If your hurt, visualization and mental techniques are often al you have.

That is why I specialize in developing easy to use visualization and mental programming techniques that players can apply on a daily basis, regardless of their schedule.

For players looking to score more goals, I recently built the Goal Scoring Identity Masterclass, which is a 14 day guided visualization and mental programming masterclass designed for me and my hockey career.

It is all on audio, so I can download every session onto my phone and listen to it anywhere.

If this sounds like something you would benefit from, then click here the link below to access the first 7 days of the program completely free. 

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