Let me give you some honest and extremely helpful advice that I wish I had heard at a younger age. 

It's nearly impossible to be as fast as Mcdavid, or shoot as hard as Ovechkin, or stickhandle like Kane. 

This means it’s nearly impossible to be in the top 1% of the world at any one given skill.

I know what your thinking “But if I work hard I can do it and make it happen!” 

I love this drive and this can be harnessed, but I want to guide you to use it more effectively so you can truly maximize your ability.

My goal is to help you maximize your potential and help you dominate at the next level. 

Consider that these top 1% of players (like Mcdavid) were already born with a natural ability to execute these skills better than most, and they then worked as hard as possible and became the best.

Let’s say that these players are 30% better than everyone at a particular skill, that means that if they work just as hard as anyone else they will almost always be about 30% better 

So if you work just as hard as Mcdavid, there will be a significant gap.

This means it’s not your fault that your not as good as these players, they were born with natural talent and simply worked hard. 

The variable is not hard work, it is talent in this case.

But there is another variable that gets neglected when we look at performance. 

Here’s how we can get your advantage back. For us to succeed, we need a better system, not a better work ethic. 

Most coaches will lie to you and say that you just don’t work hard enough, but that is simply a cover-up for a weak system. 

So here is the Skill Stacking System

Instead of aiming to be the top 1% of any skill, which is near impossible, what if we learned to stack our skills into a unique Skill Stack that no one in the world has? 

This would mean no one could compete with us because we are a unique brand. 

People do this in business all the time, they may combine good salesmanship with good coding skills and then add on an understanding of internet marketing and boom, you have a Social Media Marketing Agency. 

That was a random example, but think of how many people succeed in all walks of life who are not the best at any one thing.

These people are masters at Skill Stacking. (I borrowed this term from a great business thinker named Scott Adams) 

This means they can take around 2-3 skills that work well together and becoming in the top 20% at them.

This may sound strange at first when it comes to hockey but think about it. 

Most NHLers are great skill stackers whether they know it or not. 

Look at any player in the NHL, they are likely not the best at any one skill, but they have 2 or 3 things that they do in the top 20%.

What separates star players is that they have one or sometimes two skills that are top 5% or higher. 

Knowing this, a good NHL player can attempt to master a skill and succeeding in this will often move them up in the ranks of their team, if their bottlenecks don’t hold them back...

(This strategy works well for players of any league looking to move up the ranks of their team.)

In the Identity 2.0 training system (link to Identity 2.0 bundle), we focus on this ability to stack these skills and reduce bottlenecks. 

If you want to learn more about the Hockey Identity 2.0 System you can try our free training here or you can sign up to be a member and get started right now on developing your skill stack!