***First of all, I am not here to tell you that any trainer is a lier. If your a hockey trainer and this article offends you, I suggest reflecting and seeing why that is the case because my aim is to speak honestly about hockey development, not hurt good caring trainers.***

If you are like me, driven to succeed in hockey and grew up working with many skills coaches, you have heard many coaches say they have the solution to get you to the NHL.

They believe they have the one path to get you there. 

Many coaches who believe this single path scenario also almost always believe that the path just happens to be the one they have mastered.

The reason trainers focus on one path is because it creates better marketing.

I personally did run into a time when I realized that specialization creates better marketing.

Better marketing creates more paying clients.

More paying clients create more money in the bank account. 

I realized quickly though that it is important as a trainer to be understanding of my bias and not allow that to weaken the value I bring to every single client I work with.

I realized that I would be living a lie if I told you that I have the one solution for every hockey player.

For a short time, I tried to say that mediation and mental programming are the one magic solutions to every player’s problems.

It would be delusional to think that Mediation and mental programming will get every player to the next level.

I do think that these two tools will help MOST players, but I would be a lier to claim these are like a magic pill that take every player to the NHL.

And anyone who tries to tell you that one path is the way to the NHL may think that have found the secret when in reality they have almost certainly applied a deception technique used by great persuasion artists, most likely without realizing it.

First off, before we identify the technique, I can tell you this because I have spent years studying the techniques of persuasion that experts use to convince people of things from food marketing to politics.

This research led me to realize that these techniques are being used by many con artists and frauds as well to dupe people into acting in ways that are not helpful.

Now let’s look at the technique being used by many coaches online and compare it to a stock market emailing scam.

In the stock market email scam, they will send out several massages pushing a different stock and saying their technology has predicted it will go up.

A small proportion of the people who listen to the email and invest, see the stock go up.

The scammers will then send another random set of messages predicting the next stocks to go up (completely at random). 

Most will be wrong, but a few will see the scammer’s predictions go two for two. 

The scammers will then make predictions for the third time and again most will not work, but a few people will see the scammers go three for three and then be prompted in the email to pay a large amount of money to use this future predicting technology. 

All the while, the scammers were simply making random guesses and relying on the statistics that if they made enough guesses, they would eventually go three for three in someone’s mind and be perceived as geniuses.

This is a scam, and yet it works and some people think these people are geniuses when in reality, they simply leveraged people’s limited information on the number of guesses they made. 

What does this have to do with hockey trainers?

Get ready for a massive red pill.

Most hockey trainers share their one path they have decided on with as many people as they can.

Let’s say it’s confidence and mental toughness. 

For the trainer who has decided it is the only path or the main path you need to focus on, they must convince you that you have the problem.

They will magnify a problem you have and persuade you that it is of massive importance to deal with and get you to pay money for the solution.

This trainer will then apply the system to hundreds of players and see a small percentage succeed and then cling to those who succeeded as their markers of success. 

This does not seem like a problem, but it comes down to the fact that the thing that has been magnified might not really be the one thing you need to work on!

The trainer may have made a massive impact on that player, but not necessarily for you.

What works for Sidney Crosby, might never help you get to the NHL or even pro because you don’t have the same Talent Stack. 

The point is that we all need a unique solution.

What if your mental toughness is only a small performance block and you really need help with several other things.

Now you have been swayed to do something that is not best for you, rather it is what a skilled marketer has convinced you is important. 

What becomes the most important thing often simply what is being best marketed to you.

Persuasion tip: what you think about the most, rises in perceived importance to you regardless of it’s actual importance. 

Now we just have to pray a good marketer sways you to take a look at the bigger picture. 

Well, I am that person, rather I am that performance coach who is telling you to look at the bigger picture.

This is why in the Identity 2.0 Membership, we focus on training players on deep self-awareness first, not because we believe it is the only thing, but rather if a player has great self-awareness, they can take a stronghold on their development.

We put the wheel back in the player’s hands and then make it easy and effortless to drive. 

We then give the players access to all of the learning content they need and coach them through the process of putting together their own Identity Talent Stack. 

If a player develops the right simple mental skills, they can then work with our Identity coaches and community to develop their own customized plan of attack.

They can then work with a specialized shooting, skating, stickhandling coach and see how that piece fits into their Talent Stack.

We build smart, well-prepared players who know exactly who they are and what they are doing each day to master their on-ice identity.

If this sounds like something you want for yourself as a player, or for your young hockey player, click here and get started with the Hockey Identity 2.0 Membership today!

What do you get in the Identity 2.0 Membership?

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