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Let me stop you right here and establish that I am not saying this is the only way people will train in the future. 

The future of hockey training will have a ridiculous amount of on-ice training and fitness training. 

What I am saying is that once we hit the peak of physical training (which we are nearing) we will be looking for more we can do to boost performance.

Players are already taking advantage of the internet and watching hours of video.

But players can get exhausted and sick of watching too much film or too much training.

So what’s next? What more can a player do to boost performance?

By closing their eyes and using audio training. 

First of all, what is audio training?

Audio training is when a coach records and distills their best training into audio sessions that players can listen to with there headphones.

We already see this happening with meditation and learning how to empty the mind. 

Don’t believe me, look at how many athletes who are publicly talking about using apps like headspace (Lebron James for example). 

This leads me to make a conclusion about the future of athletic training.

In the future, we will see almost all elite athletes working with a mediation coach and visualization coach.

This will be a normal thing that all players do and it will be strange to not do it.

An elite athlete will put on their complete noise-cancelling bose headphones and spend 30 minutes to an hour each day training in the rink of their mind. 

These athletes will be able to literally recover their bodies in a deeply relaxed state while wiring the mind and nervous system to perform better.

The main job of the mediation and visualization coaches will be to literally record these athletes custom guided sessions or do live calls guiding them through deep visualizations. 

These techniques will include:

- Recreating plays from recent games and reworking their decision making

- Creating new moves and plays that they had never thought of before 

- Deciding on pre-set plays that they will make in routine situations like in the defensive zone

- Train faster reaction time to specific plays etc

- Mastering presence and flow state

- Rewiring the players emotional and conceptual identity 

So if you believe this is the future too, then lucky for you I have already designed the system of the future just as I described above.

I now work with clients to do the above things and much more. 

So if you have an interest in gaining access to the audio training I have created for elite hockey players, then click here and see what I have to offer. 

The future is now.