How To Harness Your Ego For Results Instead Of Mistakes

To harness the ego, you must first understand the ego.

The ego is the little voice in the mind that clings onto things. It the one always talking.

It’s often what we call ‘us’ because it’s the voice that is reading this right now and thinking about it. The problem and often what most people praise about the ego is that it always wants more. The ego wants more money, more attention, more goals, more clothes, better hear, more love. For most players, the ego is like a greedy monkey that will not stop. It will yell and scream until it gets what it wants. In order to then leverage the ego, we cannot battle this monkey or resist it.

We must create a partnership with this monkey. We must do business with this monkey so that it can motivate us and drive us forward, but without controlling us. We create a partnership so that we get to choose our thoughts, feelings and actions instead of just letting the monkey call all of the shots. To start this partnership, we have 5 core steps.

  1. Learn to calm the monkey and settle it down
  2. Learn to listen to what the money is saying
  3. Admit that the monkey is not always making the decisions about how you, think, feel, and act
  4. Choose that you want to change what the monkey has been doing
  5. Pick what you do want the monkey to do 6. Let go and trust the monkey will carry out what you asked it to do