A Steam Roller Of Stress Is Coming This Season... Will You Be Prepared?

If this whole COVID quarantine didn’t stress you out enough, wait until the hockey season comes around.

I hate to be the person who talks about negativity, but I promise that within 5 minutes you will truly see the opportunity in this whole thing!

Think about how high stress the hockey season always is for both players and parents. Now combine that with all the crazy restrictions coming because of this virus.

I don’t know what these restrictions will be, but I promise you that they will suck.

What if as a player you have to get dressed at home or in the freezing cold every day and just step on the ice and be ready?

What if as a parent you can’t go in the room to tie players skates? 

What if only so many fans can go to games? 

This stuff all sucks in my opinion. And the fact that it’s even a possibility should make you want to be prepared.

There’s this great quote I have always loved: 

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

So if you do not prepare for mentally dealing with this stress as a parent and as a player, you are preparing to fail!

I don’t imagine there are any objections to what I just spoke about above.

It’s pretty clear COVID will have some impact on next season for the players that get to play.

But there is a serious opportunity here! The opportunity to be more prepared than all of the competition and outperform them when the pressure is on!

I believe that the real uncertainty lies in what parents and players should do to prepare? Wouldn't you agree?

Well, let me tell you what I am doing as an NCAA hockey player and student to prepare for this and what we are teaching all of our Identity 2.0 Members!

I am using the Identity 2.0 System, and the following is what it is made up of.

First off, I am working on my strength in the gym, speed, and basic skills like skating, stickhandling and shooting. But so is every other driven hockey player, so I don’t think this is going to get me ahead. 

Then I am working on focus and concentration using specific meditation techniques designed for hockey players. That way I can play in the present moment and slice through the stress of next season like a hot knife through butter. 

Next, I am working on Confidence, not the bulls*** surface-level confidence that comes with positive self-talk and fluffy feel-good language. I am talking about serious deep subconscious work to deal with mental blocks and fears that will hold me back if not dealt with properly. 

Next, I am working on emotional control, so that I don’t get caught up in everyone’s stress and frustration, or lose my cool and get too emotional on the ice. This means I play with poise and maturity in every moment.

When it comes to Pregame routines with little to no warm-up, (because if we can’t dress in the room this is a real thing we must prepare for) I am setting up detailed plans of how I will make sure my mind and body are ready!

Learning how to coach and get coached online (less in-person contact), this means improving my communication skills and learning how to process my online coaches information and then apply that to my development system.


This is what we are working on with all of our clients as well in the Hockey Identity 2.0 Membership

We are the players and parents preparing in advance for the steam roller of stress. 

Think of the membership like an unbreakable shell you learn to put on before the season that makes you unstoppable in the face of the greatest stress to come. 

So you don’t have to run from the stress like everyone else will be. 

Join the Identity 2.0 community today! 

What do you get in the Identity 2.0 Membership?

  • Unlimited access to all of the Identity 2.0 courses 

  • 1-hour weekly coaching sessions 

  • Facebook Hockey Mastermind 

  • Weekly Exclusive Hockey Micro-Lessons on the latest hockey research